Module 4: Experimental Archaeology I
Recommended 4th Grade - adult                     Cost    $65

Make a shell/bead necklace

Making jewelry is as old as 40,000 years ago when Cro-Magnon humans are known to have made necklaces from shells, beads, fishbone, seeds and fruit pits.  Students will have a chance to practice this ancient art create their own jewelry just as our ancestors once did.

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Module 5: Experimental Archaeology II
Recommended 4th Grade--adult                          Cost  $65

Make Ancient Pottery

Pottery is thought to be one of the most significant inventions ever
produced by humans.  Pottery revolutionized prehistoric life and
foodways.  It is also significant because it preserves well and is one of the most commonly studied artifacts.  Here students will be able to make a pot of their own.

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