After School/Enrichment Program

Archaeology Learning Group also provides programs for assemblies.  The assemblies will consist of activities from the courses outlined in the catalog.  Although Archaeology
Learning Group has specific activities it conducts for assemblies (drawn from the courses outlined in the catalog), specific courses/activities can be arranged and tailored to fit the needs of the school curriculum.  Assemblies consist of 3-4 classes in which students will
rotate between stations.  A fee of $350 will be assessed for each session.  Call for details.

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Summer/Day Camps

Summer and Day camp programs are also available and can be arranged through a
sub-contract process.  Course fees are $15 per student or a group rate of $350 that includes instruction and all in-class and take-home material.  Each course generally runs about 1.5 - 2 hours long.  Classes can be taught as a class in which students rotate between sessions and can be run multiple days.  Ideal for school outdoor education programs.  Call for details.

Senior Programs

Archaeology isn't just for kids!  Seniors, too, can benefit from these programs.  The course are modified for the age group of each class and thus all of these classes are offered at an adult level.  Senior programs are conducted in a similar fashion as the after-school programs consisting of a module of 6 classes that can be taught on a weekly or daily schedule.  Course fees are $65 per student which includes all supplies.  Call for details.

Courtesy Policy for Parents/Guardians

  • Parents/Guardians should be prompt when picking up their kids.  If for some reason a parent is running late, they can call the number indicated above to inform the instructor.

  • Students are responsible for remembering to attend class.  If a student wishes to have a reminder, they may provide an e-mail address and a reminder will be sent a day prior to class.

  • Although it is not necessary, parents may wish to be present to observe or assist in the class.  Parents may be curious about the class and are encouraged to observe or assist/interact with the kids. 

  • Course fees must be paid upfront in order to participate in the class.

  • Archaeology Learning Group hopes that each student will learn from and enjoy each class and entertains feedback from the students and parents.  If there is anything that we do well or need to improve, please let us know.  We intend to encourage each student to excel at all of their academic endeavors and wish to adapt the program based on each individual's needs. 

Refund Policy

If a class is cancelled due to lack of numbers or other reason, or if a student needs to withdraw from a class prior to its inception, a full refund will be returned by mail in a timely fashion.  Please note that this does not include students that fail to attend class by either forgetting about it or choosing not to be in attendance. 

Archaeology Learning Group Guarantee

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