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Why Archaeology Learning Group?

1.  Archaeology as a Multi-disciplinary study

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3.  Archaeology as a Science

Like other sciences, archaeology utilizes the scientific method to aid in interpretation.  This makes archaeology a great subject of study for students because it engages them in the use of the scientific method.  It can also help students develop their research skills and engages them in various scientific concepts such as classification.  This can effectively broadens a student's critical thinking skills and enhances the learning process.

5.  Archaeology as a Tool

Each course that is taught by Archaeology Learning Group is accompanied by PowerPoint® presentation that shows photos of archaeological sites, artifacts, features, etc.  These slide shows are used to help students make the connection between the activities they are engaged in and the real-world archaeology as archaeologists observe it.  Consequently, they don't just do in-class activities, but can experience archaeology almost as if they,
themselves, were making the discoveries.

  1. Archaeology for Language Development

Along with the plethora of other subjects that archaeology touches on, it can additionally enhance students' communication skills.  Not only will they learn how to decipher ancient languages, but they will also develop the English writing skills as they write down their observations, analysis and interpretations.  Writing skills are a crucial skill that students require in order to be successful in post-secondary education.  Consequently, Archaeology Learning Group can give students an edge when they choose to pursue college degrees.

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